about us

Texas-based independent entertainment company, ​Stay Solid Entertainment LLC ​ is focused on empowering and incubating raw talent. Our purpose is to provide the infrastructure needed for client success. We strive to place our roster of talent in front of life-changing opportunities, resources, and partnerships. Providing services in talent management, video production, artist development, digital marketing, and strategic branding, Stay Solid Entertainment was founded by King "Franco" Ekejija in 2019. 


In the digital age of oversaturation, Stay Solid thrives in artist development by focusing on long-term career growth and strategy. With a business model that’s based on artist development, definite talent, individuality, marketing, branding, key industry networks & partnerships, and independent ownership. Our vision is underwritten by a shared passion for creating a lasting legacy and long-term success for our clients. 


Stay Solid team's in-depth understanding of the young creative economy and digital market allows us to use our leverage to create the next wave of unique creatives. Serving as the voice of innovation and change in the South, Stay Solid is another step forward in an already revolutionary music history. “Stay Solid, Never Fold”.


Houston, TX


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